Québec municipalities have an obligation to be transparent with citizens, elected officials and their leaders. At the same time, they must respond to media requests for information. This pressure from different sources complicates financial processes because it means Finance must have access to data that is both centralized – so they can provide financial overviews on short notice – and decentralized, so they can include information provided by managers.

Municipalities therefore need to acquire effective, integrated tools that can: make users more independent and agile, produce financial information faster, increase user agility, provide better management information, and generate relevant, reliable performance indicators.

Led by Sébastien Boivin, CPA, CMA and Senior Director at DECIMAL, this one-hour web session highlights a number of municipal issues and explains how the Decimal Suite helps managers consolidate all their financial information in order to better plan, forecast and manage their costs. More specifically, this session focuses on the following features:

  • Budget planning and payroll management;
  • Monitoring budget and workforce changes;
  • Business Intelligence applied to budgeting, financial results and personnel.

Tuesday, November 14 at 1:00 p.m., in French (Free)