General Features of the Decimal Suite

Our performance management software is one of the most comprehensive solutions available, one that can meet all your analysis and reporting needs. The wide array of features and modules enable users to easily handle the three main areas of management accounting: budgeting, costing and financial dashboards.

The Decimal Suite is a total software solution based on our over 30 years’ experience in the field, and can seamlessly integrate with all your existing systems.

Check out the Range of options:

Marguerite de la Suite Decimal

High-level planning and forecasting

l High-level planning and forecasting

The Decimal Suite enables users to create multi-year scenarios using the data splashing feature, without losing any detailed information.

Budget planning

l Budget planning

Budget planning features allow for real-time monitoring of the data collection process without any need for consolidation.

Budget flow

l Budget flow

Thanks to the budget flow module, highly detailed budget change information can be entered throughout the year, thus ensuring better tracking.

Tracking and forecasting

l Tracking and forecasting

The projection tracking forms require minimal intervention as they use the same data structure as your other software. This makes it easy to reuse previous iterations, and use budgets commitments as comparables.

PPM – Payroll Planning & Management

l PPM – Payroll Planning & Management

Our software automatically calculates payroll and paid hours, enabling HR managers to quickly understand their costs. It also enables them to foresee the costs associated with staff turnover.

PCBP – Project Budget Planning & Management

l PCBP – Project Budget Planning & Management

When costing projects, managers need to get the most accurate picture of all the costs involved. That's why this feature includes an easy-to-use calculation template that requires minimal user input.

Capital budgeting

l Capital budgeting

Our software can calculate the capitalized costs for all your organization's assets and fixed assets, so you'll be able to account for the depreciation cost of these assets, and they’ll automatically be applied to your budget.

Cash flow budgeting

l Cash flow budgeting

To ensure effective cash flow planning, our feature tracks budgets by fund and automates cash flow statements.


l Costing

Our costing expertise enables us to provide our customers with complete functionality that enables them to get detailed actual costs and track their project's cost path.

Reporting and dashboarding

l Reporting and dashboarding

You can use our financial reporting and dashboard features to generate real-time ad hoc analyses as pivot tables that can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

ETL and Admin

l ETL and Admin

ETL makes it possible to automatically upload data from your other software to the Decimal Suite to get up-to-date management information without any need for assistance from the IT team.


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