Allocating or Distributing Expenses

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Whether organizations want to allocate or distribute costs by business line or to sectors, programs, tax law compliance or any another group, Decimal Suite is the ideal tool to perform these operations.

Organizations that want to track their costs in different accounting segments struggle to charge their hard-earned dollars to the right account. If they want to get it right, they need to start allocating their costs.

The Decimal Suite can allocate your costs and even decide which data to enter into your expense management software. Thanks to the Decimal Suite, you can allocate your costs more accurately, based directly on the results.

The Decimal Suite’s powerful software makes cost allocation a snap, and also maintains a searchable database of all costs. This means organizations can find out where the costs allocated to a given sector come from, and also identify where a specific account has been allocated.

Organizations will find the Decimal Suite easy to use. It enables them to import financial data from the general ledger and generate accounting entries that will automatically be imported into their financial software - through Oracle Web ADI, for instance. Also, financial analysts need no help using the tool, it requires no programming, and they can easily configure and modify allocations at any time.

The Decimal Suite is the most powerful, user-friendly and complete tool on the market for all your allocation needs.