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Whether it is to allocate or distribute costs by business line, sector, program, law or other, Decimal Suite is the ideal tool to make these allocations in your financial system.

In the event that an organization wants to track its costs in different accounting segments, it can become difficult for a company to charge every dollar in the right account. The allocation process then becomes the right method to obtain this information.

The Decimal Suite is able to execute your allocations and even determine the posting to be generated to feed your accounting systems and thus make the most accurate allocation possible directly from the results.

Not only does the Decimal Suite have the calculation engine to make an accurate and easy distribution, but the tool also retains full cost traceability. This means that it is possible to know the origin of all costs allocated to a sector as well as where a specific account has been allocated.

The Decimal Suite is also an accessible tool for finance managers who can import financial data from the general ledger and perform calculations with the Decimal Suite to generate the accounting entry that can automatically be imported into the financial system (as an example, via Oracle's ADI WEB).

Financial analysts are totally autonomous in the use of the tool; no programming is required. You can configure and modify the allocations very easily at any time. The Decimal Suite is the most powerful, user-friendly and complete tool on the market for all your allocation needs.