Can you manage forecasts, improve profitability and implement stricter controls: yes, you can!

Finance regularly has to deal with issues arising from incompatible systems (ERP, CRM, financial and HR systems, etc.) and so often find it difficult to provide Operations with consolidated, relevant data. Their usual MO is to overuse Excel spreadsheets, which have their own disadvantages: lack of data traceability, time-consuming file maintenance and update procedures, inability to compare the budget with actual results, and so on.

These organizations’ Finance departments are often ill-equipped to keep track of production and measure infrastructure capacity, the profitability of productivity, production variances and the cost of waste from discarded raw materials. Manufacturers face all of these issues on a daily basis, but flexible, easily-deployed software exists to help them tackle these challenges! These solutions enable you to manage your forecasts over time and improve your performance indicators.

Sign up for this webinar and let Christian Babbini, FCPA, FCMA, Vice President at DECIMAL, show you how DECIMAL’s powerful, flexible solution has been making converts and meeting the needs of companies in the manufacturing sector for close to 30 years now!

Wednesday, November 8 at 1:00 p.m., in French (Free)