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Manage your budget process with the Decimal Suite

The Decimal Suite allows users to manage their budget process in accordance with the kind of best practices advocated by practitioners and research organizations. The suite’s extreme flexibility means the process can be centralized, decentralized or a hybrid of the two.

Structures, such as the hierarchical structure and classification of the chart of accounts, and business rules, such as cost increases in line with the consumer price index, are set centrally by the Finance team in the Modeler.

Where required, budget entries can be decentralized to managers using the Collaborator. The Collaborator interface is similar to the Modeler interface, but simpler. For example, the options for defining and modifying model structure (hierarchical structure, new accounts) are not available to managers, as this aspect is managed by Finance.

Module Goal Targeted user
  • Model structure
  • Business rules
  • Budget data entry (centralized)
  • Finances
  • Budget data entry (decentralized)
  • Managers

The Decimal Suite is extremely flexible and can adapt to any budget process. However, changing your budget system is a good time to consider changing your current process. We recommend the following tried and proven process to all our clients.

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