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DECIMAL implements dozens of financial systems and provides highly specialized expertise in internal reporting to a wide range of public and private Canadian organizations. Being a DECIMAL client means joining a community of leaders: people who use our innovative solutions to improve their performance management.

In order to maximize the value of client implementations we share the experience acquired from other projects. In doing so, we create opportunities to brainstorm new ways of taking advantage of our technology, find solutions to complex challenges and share best practices.

SHARING MEANS SHAPING: Our clients attend numerous events designed to keep their knowledge up-to-date and share their experiences. Every year, DECIMAL organizes a well-known, large-scale event: our much-anticipated annual Conference. The goal of this informal event is to bring users of DECIMAL software together to share their experiences and brainstorm new ways to resolve problems. Our clients come together with our R&D team for a 2-day conference, to share their impressions and recommandations, and these play an important role in developing and shaping new solutions.

DECIMAL and the public sector
Keenly aware of their responsibility to provide citizens and businesses with effective, efficient services, ministries are anxious to find ways to improve their forecasting and optimizing abilities and also provide justification for their expenses and actions.

Current budget constraints, the need to show proper use of public funds, comply with relevant acts and regulations and take advantage of new technologies in order to effectively manage their quality and compliance program. . . all of these imperatives push the public sector to find the expertise and technological solutions that will help improve their performance as regards finances, operations and information control.

A pressing issue for private enterprises – how to change from a methods-based to a performance-based culture – is becoming increasingly relevant for the public sector also.

DECIMAL and banks, insurances and financial services
More than any other sector, financial departments within organizations are under enormous pressure to develop the kind of expertise that generates strong profitability. DECIMAL's technological solutions and state-of-the-art expertise easily meet this industry's challenges.

DECIMAL and the IT sector

The Decimal Suite is many things: a budgeting, forecasting and planning solution as well as a strong tool for profitability management, costing, analysis and reporting. It addresses all the issues Finance departments currently grapple with to reduce IT cost-related inefficiencies, thereby better managing their financial performance and aligning it with corporate objectives.

DECIMAL and manufacturing, distribution
The manufacturing industry has been hard hit by the current financial crises and widespread economic slowdown. Nevertheless, it is favoured by governments world-wide for its ability to create jobs, utilize new technology and boost exports.

The emergence of low-cost manufacturers exacerbates this sector's difficulties by increasing price pressure and strengthening the competition. Lured by low production costs elsewhere, some companies have decentralized certain processes, thereby increasing the number of production sites and supply sources.

At the same time, quality control is one of the most important business concerns for manufacturers worldwide. The common goal shared by all manufacturers, regardless of their size, is to continuously improve the quality, effectiveness, and the profitability of their operations.

To continue being an ever-stronger competitor and the preferred supplier to their customers, manufacturers need to follow best practices and conform to applicable regulatory requirements.

In these difficult times of fierce competition and declining growth, one of the major challenges facing the distribution sector is the quest for improved performance in terms of finances, operations and information control.

Indeed, in the immediate or near future, this sector will have to tackle such pressing issues as cost management and profitability growth, improved process management for increased productivity, and the need for a sustained push toward continuous improvement and greater efficiency.

DECIMAL offers cutting-edge expertise and innovative technological solutions that give this sector the tools it needs to deal constructively with these issues and challenges, and give it the tools to make the right decisions at the right time.

More specifically, this sector must deal with such challenges as bringing operations in line with sales and profitability objectives, improving customer satisfaction and client services, streamlining internal processes, effectively utilizing integrated management frameworks to speed up decision-making and facilitate the process of analzing and exploiting operational trends and client and product profitability, identifying the origin of production problems, to name but a few.Each of these issues has a significant impact on the distribution sector; thanks to its seasoned experts and innovative technological solutions, DECIMAL can help you face them.

Whether you are targeting your finances, operations or information control, DECIMAL is your partner of choice for improved performance in these areas.

DECIMAL and the shared services centers
Shared services centres are no longer the exclusive realm of multinationals and large groups as, over the past few years, smaller organizations have been turning to them in greater numbers. For these companies, centralizing and pooling financial means and functions is rapidly becoming the preferred way to control and manage costs, harmonize management processes, adopt industry best practices and facilitate access to information, data and decisions. While this change is partly motivated by the need for greater efficiency through standardizing and simplifying processes, in the end, cost reduction is the ultimate goal sought by general managers.

The DECIMAL team brings its budgeting, costing and financial dashboard experience to setting up a shared services centre. Our clients and DECIMAL’s experts collaborate to successfully harness new technologies in order to leverage performance. DECIMAL’s pragmatic, results-oriented approach is geared toward each client’s specific context. With their extensive experience managing complex reorganization projects, our experts are able to swiftly assess the situation and recommend initiatives that can be implemented immediately.