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The budgeting and costing software solution to better manage your corporate performance

The Decimal Suite Software Solution is the perfect support tool for better strategic decision-making for companies of all size and activity.

The result of over twenty years of research and development, this powerful costing and budgeting Web solution offers maximum flexibility and easy adaptability. The Decimal Suite allows public and private companies to accurately forecast costs and profitability of products and services.

Decimal Suite Version 5 supports Oracle Database 12c, Oracle WebLogic 12c.

A planning and budgeting software of operations and costs

Designed with activity-based management concepts in mind, the Decimal Suite integrates functionalities such as

  • Cost modeling behaviour
  • Production costs
  • Profit optimization
  • Budget planning and management
  • Incorporating these within a comprehensive business accounting management tool.

The Decimal Suite colligates strategic financial and operational information for all levels of a company in a single database. This information constitutes the company’s business intelligence and is organized and presented to different levels of management in accordance with company policy and regulation.

By placing strategic information into a single, streamlined repository, the Decimal Suite helps companies improve communication between different departments and functions, promote synergy in the implementation of budget, production costs and profitability, and ultimately, produce more efficient managers.

The Decimal Suite offers many functions, which are all linked to one another, allowing users to optimize their corporate performance management strategy.

The Decimal Suite's unique proposition 

Decimal Suite has been based on process management. Early versions were mainly used as sequential transformation processes. Soon after, the Decimal Suite was developed to support the more traditional cost allocation models often used by service companies. Today, these service companies are increasingly adopting the concepts of operational companies who are more likely to optimize and relocate resources to struggling sectors, control operational constraints and bottlenecks, analyse cost structure and behaviour, etc, to keep businesses running and profitable.
The Decimal Suite follows a global cost and budgeting approach. The Suite's modules support the implementation of a complete cost and budget establishment system. Budgeting process results allow users to determine costs of products and services. Conversely, the design of a cost model is used as a foundation for designing the budgetary process. This unique global approach ensures two things; first, that sales objectives are based on an informed selection of products and services, second, that managers keep track of results and effectively catch and understand discrepancies in the budget.

The Collaborator module, is decentralized to allow managers of different executive groups to personally enter their budgetary data. It is built directly within the Modeler module, which analyses trends in company costs. 
This provides management with a global and detailed view of the affordability of each model's performance. Designed to modelize budgetary, actual, forecasted and hypothetical results such as acquisitions, relocalization, and other major decisions, the Decimal Suite consolidates and compares results and shares this business intelligence with a company's key players.
Ensuring effective benchmarking between operational entities (factories, departments, etc). At the same time, the managers of these entities may define data according to their operational realities directly within the global structure of the master template. This approach allows users to benefit completely from the thoroughness of a centralized system and the flexibility of a spreadsheet.
The application services clients of all sizes. Whether it's for profit organization, a private or public company or a public organization (municipal, provincial or federal), the Decimal Suite clarifies the strategic decision-making process, allowing companies to reach corporate objectives. Regardless of the number of users or information required by management, the Decimal Suite offers a unique and scalable potential.
In any company in which individual entities can establish performance evaluation guidelines and consistent comparison criterions. Companies will see the success of the solutions implemented, as the strategic decisions taken will have measurable impact on the general performance of the company.

When it comes to analysis, simulation, planning or any other corporate task, the Decimal Suite is the perfect solution for your needs!

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