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Corporate Performance Management 8th edition


Date: May 20th, 2021 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Event description:

The Symposium on Corporate Performance Management (CPM) yearly examines management accounting’s best practices. This annual conference explains emerging trends and practices in topics such as planning and budgeting, costing, dashboards, business intelligence systems and consolidation.

This year, the symposium particularly covers the reporting of management information. Whether using financial reports, dashboards, performance indicators or simply traditional financial statements, the finance teams are highly involved in terms of content, form and frequency.

Previously, financial statements were the essential element of management information, it was clear then that they were reserved for finance departments. Today, management information is composed of several financial and non-financial elements and the finance department is not always responsible for this information, whether producing or publishing it.

In many organizations, however, CPAs are expected to play an important role in the thinking, the production, the validation, the control and the disclosure of this management information.

The symposium will accordingly address the following elements:

The speakers will help participants thinking on strategies for producing management information.


Plaza Downtown (EVO), 777, Robert-Bourassa Blvd., Montreal, H3C 3Z7

* Conferences during the event will only be in French.

Each year, more and more organizations sign their specialists, managers and accountants up for DECIMAL seminars. Whether you need training in accounting or activity-based management, financial management of IT services or corporate governance, we have the right seminar for you.


The management accounting seminar covers basic as well as more advanced accounting concepts. We tailor the seminar to your degree of familiarity with the topic, so you can take maximum advantage of our knowledge and experience and quickly put them to use in your organization.

These trainings are held in the offices of DECIMAL in Longueuil and Quebec City.


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