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Corporate Performance Management


The 7th edition of this annual conference will address the transformation of finance departments through the evolution of technology.

Without being an end in itself, technological developments are first there to meet needs. The objective of the conference will be, by bringing together IT professionals, managers and senior executives of the Finance function, to discuss about the technological strategies to be developed to improve performance.

The conference will focus on some of the issues organizations are facing and will answer the following questions:

  • How have the tools of Finance evolved over time?
  • What tools are used in organizations to be more effective?
  • How should finance adjust to the new technological reality?
  • How have organizations successfully deployed technologies to enable them to perform better?
  • What is the impact on the talents sought?

Speakers will show how critical it is for organizations to work together in order to be effective and remain competitive, including Finance for consolidation, cash flow, book closure, budget, intelligence business, etc.

Date and venue: May 23, 2019, in Montreal
(This event is mainly in French)

Each year, more and more organizations sign their specialists, managers and accountants up for DECIMAL seminars. Whether you need training in accounting or activity-based management, financial management of IT services or corporate governance, we have the right seminar for you.


The management accounting seminar covers basic as well as more advanced accounting concepts. We tailor the seminar to your degree of familiarity with the topic, so you can take maximum advantage of our knowledge and experience and quickly put them to use in your organization.

These trainings are held in the offices of DECIMAL in Longueuil and Quebec City.

These trainings take place in DECIMAL’s offices, in Longueuil and Quebec City.

Du coût de revient aux prévisions financières - Une approche intégrée et pratique (en français)
Permettre aux participants de comprendre la relation entre le coût de revient et les prévisions financières et comment cette relation peut permettre d’améliorer tout le cycle budgétaire, l’analyse des résultats et l’exploitation des données financières.
Bureau de Longueuil
Vendredi le 8 février 2019 de 8:30 à 12:00.
Bureau de Québec
Vendredi le 15 février 2019 de 8:30 à 12:00.
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La gestion financière des T.I. (en français)
Les coûts T.I. sont souvent perçus par les clients internes comme une « boite noire » incompréhensible, ce qui résulte en une perte de confiance et des mauvaises décisions. Ce cours vous outille pour rendre compréhensible cette « boite noire » par l’utilisation du coût de revient par activités et refacturer d’une façon transparente et compréhensible, ce qui permettra aux clients internes de mieux contrôler leurs coûts T.I. Durant la formation, nous regarderons les différentes approches de modélisations de la comptabilité par activités appliquées au T.I.
Bureau de Longueuil
Vendredi le 28 février 2019 de 8:30 à 12:00.
Bureau de Québec
Vendredi le 7 mars 2019 de 8:30 à 12:00.
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The Budgeting Process (in English)
Rethinking the budgeting process - In most organizations, the budgeting process has remained more or less stagnant. This course covers various approaches to and best practices of the budgeting process. How can the budgeting and planning model be made more effective? And, how can the budgeting process generate value and still remain consistent with the organization’s business processes?
Bureau de Longueuil
Vendredi le 21 février 2019 de 8:30 à 12:00.
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