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Manage your performance with the Decimal Suite
DECIMAL’s solution integrates budget, financial forecast and production cost management, thereby freeing you from the necessity of entering information in multiple financial systems.

The Decimal Suite is the best and most comprehensive solution for all your analysis, planning and simulation needs.

Brochure for the Public Sector
The integrated budgeting, costing and BI solution for the public sector.

Strategically manage your costs
Knowing the true extent of your costs and, above all, predicting how they will react based on a given set of circumstances or decisions is essential to the sound management of your organization. Indeed, the ability to simulate the impact of major structural changes is not only the basis of sound management, it also confers a significant competitive advantage. Why not have at your fingertips a management tool capable of evolving at the same speed as the sector in which you operate?

Manage your IT costs
Select the Decimal Suite, the management solution that supports strategic decision-making to better understand the costs associated with IT services and, above all, anticipate the impact of a business decision on costs.

Optimize your profitability
As products and services become more and more numerous, companies are forced to identify and aggressively promote their most profitable products and services. At the same time, they are required to tailor marketing initiatives to their most profitable clients. Both of these imperatives mean managers must be able to make the best possible decisions at the most opportune time.

Switch to activity-based management
In the face of market globalization, strong competition, quality requirements and stakeholder accountability, ABM has become central to the new corporate reality. Effective planning means ensuring that the cost accounting system accurately reflects a company’s operations.

Implement dynamic budget control
Thanks to the Decimal Suite, collaboratively producing a budget and forecasts in line with your organization’s strategic and operational objectives has never been easier. Now, evaluating your performance with a budget based on actual volume or production cost drivers is finally within your grasp

Plan and Manage your payroll
In a difficult economic context, rapidly, effectively and collaboratively evaluating payroll costs has become essential to an organization’s management control.

Plan, budget, document and monitor your project budgets!
Fully integrated into your organization’s budgeting process, the Budgeting for Project Management functionalities of the Decimal Suite helps you plan and approve budgets and improve cost monitoring. It will help you document and justify your projects more efficiently, make it easier for you to balance your budgets and integrate with your existing tools to ensure better management.

Easily prepare and distribute financial dashboards and reports with DECIMAL BI.
The DECIMAL BI solution enables you to quickly generate, in self-service mode, financial dashboards, performance indicator processing, financial reports or management reports.


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