IT, or information technology, is accounting for an increasingly large share of the organizational budget. Regardless of the type of organization, they want to know more about the costs of the technologies they use. They want to ensure they are getting the best possible return on their investment by comparing their own situation with that of other organizations and analyzing possible alternatives, such as new technologies, outsourcing, cloud computing, and so on.

Sometimes, they have to divide costs between different divisions or different products and services. Because the technologies are all interconnected, this task can be extremely complex.

Like IT teams, Finance wants to have the ability to understand and assess IT service costs, as this knowledge enables them to make better investment decisions based on a full cost-benefit analysis.

To meet these diverse needs, organizations must acquire an efficient cost model capable of generating the information they require: a cost model that can segregate costs and provide traceability, flexibility and dynamic information.

This session focuses on current trends in IT cost management. It uses DECIMAL’s software solution to show how costing is an essential part of keeping up with these new trends.

Sébastien Boivin, CPA, CMA and Senior Director, will explain DECIMAL’s IT cost modelling method and demonstrate how organizations can gain a better understanding of their behaviour using the Decimal Suite.
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