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Timekeeper or the way to determine the best activity-based costs

Compiling time data using regular electronic spreadsheets has become cumbersome for large organizations, and often leads to errors. DECIMAL developed TimeKeeper to centralize employee time entry and classify it according to projects and activities.

TimeKeeper is a timesheet management system that enables administrators to enter and approve the time an employee spends on a deliverable/project based on the different tasks required to complete it. The application assigns different access rights to different types of users, such as employees, managers or analysts.

Timesheet management system features:

  • Appoint a timesheet approver (manager);
  • Check that employees submit their timesheets;
  • Approve timesheets;
  • Enter different types of time (regular time, time and a half, double time, etc.);
  • Automatically send e-mail reminders and reject/approve timesheets.

To enable the employee to access different management reports, he/she is assigned a number of attributes. These are as follows:

  • Responsibility centre where the employee works;
  • Job title;
  • Job status;
  • Wage class.

The application contains a fully integrated timesheet report function, and the content of each window can be exported to Excel to produce instant reports.

A more advanced report tool can be connected directly to the application. This highly effective tool enables managers to extract a wide range of relevant and useful information, such as:

  • Connaître le temps régulier, le temps supplémentaire, le temps payé pour des jours fériés affecté à un livrable/ projet;
  • The regular time, overtime and paid vacation time allotted to a deliverable/project;
  • Which employees are working on which types of deliverables/projects;
  • Costs per deliverable/project, per task, etc.;
  • Costs allocated to responsibility centres according to deliverables/projects.