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Budgeting your transport

The Collaborator application also includes a public transport module, enabling transport companies to assess the various costs and revenues for their planned routes, such as:

  • Driver costs
  • Supernumerary costs (driver replacements)
  • Cost of parts and tires, per distance travelled
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Revenue per route and type of ticket sold

Decimal Suite features efficiently manage your budget:

  • Consolidates data in a centralized database providing simultaneous access to several users;

  • Enables all managers and authorized users to enter budget data directly while keeping track of changes made;

  • Defines each user’s specific profile, security profile and access to information;

  • Creates scenarios based on calculation rules at different levels (account, type of account or specific parameter);

  • Establishes budget expenses based on volumetrics;

  • Organizes data according to needs (chart of account, administrative units, etc.);

  • Produces dynamic reports and provides features that enable users to easily calculate variances, make multidimensional tables and drill-down as far as detailed calculations of account forecasts;

  • Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed or exported to other systems, including spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft® Office Excel;

  • Contains fields for entering and/or attaching justificatory and/or explanatory notes and files;

  • Tracks organizational changes;

  • Where required, accepts more details than are normal in a budget item.

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