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Budgeting your raw materials

The budgeting process and planning application’s dedicated variable cost calculation module (Bill of Materials or BOM) allows users to calculate every kind of variable expense (such as raw materials) based on cash inflow and specific volumes. This means that, at any time, users can determine the quantities and amounts associated with the raw materials, according to all the scenarios that have been created.

The cash inflow screen (BOA), includes the following items:

  • Operating speed
  • % manufacturing quality
  • Manufacturing components and their use

Budgeting raw material

Decimal Suite features efficiently manage your budget:

  • Consolidates data in a centralized database providing simultaneous access to several users;

  • Enables all managers and authorized users to enter budget data directly while keeping track of changes made;

  • Defines each user’s specific profile, security profile and access to information;

  • Creates scenarios based on calculation rules at different levels (account, type of account or specific parameter);

  • Establishes budget expenses based on volumetrics;

  • Organizes data according to needs (chart of account, administrative units, etc.);

  • Produces dynamic reports and provides features that enable users to easily calculate variances, make multidimensional tables and drill-down as far as detailed calculations of account forecasts;

  • Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed or exported to other systems, including spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft® Office Excel;

  • Contains fields for entering and/or attaching justificatory and/or explanatory notes and files;

  • Tracks organizational changes;

  • Where required, accepts more details than are normal in a budget item.

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